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A number of lizards make great companion pets. Several types of reptiles are becoming more mainstream than ever before, especially the bearded dragon and certain types of geckos. However, you need to think about a few things before you select and bring your first lizard home.

Where Did It Come From?

You want your pet lizard to have been bred in captivity. That means it was not taken from the wild—whether legally or illegally. It’s much easier to care for a captive-bred lizard because they have fewer diseases. It is also good for that species to not have wild populations that have been harvested for pets.

Do You Want to Hold It?

Some lizards are excellent companions that don’t mind being held or even sitting on your lap, shoulder, etc. Other lizards should stay in their habitat with the lid tightly sealed, or they will make a quick getaway. Choose your lizard based on how much you want to be able to handle it.

How Interesting Do You Want Your Lizard to Be?

A lot of lizards pretty much do nothing but sun themselves and sleep except when it is feeding time. If you want an active pet that will provide you with entertainment, you have to choose your reptile wisely. Also, a larger tank will give your pet lizard more room to be active.

How Much Will It Cost?

The type of lizard will determine the initial cost of the animal itself, and will dictate the size tank needed as well as the kind of food. These factors can result in a significant variance in costs, so know your budget and choose your lizard accordingly. Also, make sure that there is a vet nearby who can care for your pet since many vets know very little about reptiles, or at least have little-to-no experience with them.

Your Pet’s Needs

Finally, you need to learn what your pet’s needs will be. From habitat to diet, every lizard is a little different. Make sure you have the time to commit to necessary tasks like tank cleaning. Plus, remember that some lizards live for decades, so you are making a long-term commitment.

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