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Sugar gliders can make great pets. However, the one thing most new owners do wrong is thinking that a big cage with lots of room to jump and play is all that a sugar glider needs in order to be happy. That’s a good start, but there is much more involved.

Nesting, Bedding, and Sleeping

Your sugar glider cage needs to have some good bedding material. You also want a small nesting space. A plastic cage will make cleaning easier since your glider will urinates in the nesting space a lot, and it will need to be cleaned regularly. For sleeping, a nice pouch is a good addition. Gliders love pouches, and if you bonded with it from young on, it will even sleep in your shirt/jacket pocket.

A Sugar Glider Likes Things Clean

An animal that urinates in its nesting box may not seem like a very clean animal, but your glider will not stay happy for long in a messy cage. It is especially important to clean out the nesting box to keep a smell from developing.

Don’t worry about replacing the nesting box or bedding material from time to time. While some pets become upset by change, your glider will actually appreciate it. After all, in the wild the animal would have had to forage for more materials from time to time, so new bedding won’t seem foreign for long.

Companionship Is a Must

Finally, you may want to consider having more than one sugar glider. This is a social animal, and if you have only one, it will have to bond strongly with you to be happy. That means several hours with you per day. If you don’t mind it sleeping in your pocket every day, you may be able to get away with just one. However, most people will get busy with work or other activities and ignore this small pet for days at a time. It may be easier to ignore a glider than a dog, but the glider will get just as depressed.

In short, while sugar gliders require some commitment, they make a great pet.

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