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If you have kids, you may already have many of these safety measures in effect. If not, you’ve got a little work to do. This is because chinchillas are a very active animal that needs to get out of the cage sometimes—and can get into trouble quickly if the room isn’t safe. Here are some tips to keep your chinchilla safe.

How to Keep Your Chinchilla Safe

Electrical Safety – Chinchillas will bite electrical cords so be sure to have everything out of reach and not plugged in. Also, use those little outlet covers.

Restricted Access – Remember, you need to take these measures in only one room, and then close the door when your pet is roaming free. It shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. If there are places you don’t want your pet going in the room, set up a blockade (a piece of cardboard works just fine).

Chew Hazard – If you don’t want something to get chewed on, keep it out of reach. A chinchilla will give the old chew test to anything it finds.

Try the Bathroom – There are usually no low outlets or cords in the bathroom, making this a pretty safe place for your pet. Be sure to restrict access to a place where your pet might get stuck, like behind the toilet.

Provide Chew Toys – If you pick up everything in the room, your pet may try chewing on the walls. Provide some toys or even something simple like pieces of cardboard. Chinchillas aren’t that picky about what they chew on.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of every way your chinchilla could get into trouble in the house while out of the cage, these are the big things to keep in mind. As long as there is no place to get stuck, no way to get outside, and no way to get to anything electrical, your pet should be safe. If nothing is within chewing range, and you have some chew toys for your pet’s enjoyment, everyone should be happy.

So get that room chinchilla-proofed, keep your chinchilla safe and let your little buddy out of the cage.

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