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Are you looking for a companion pet, but don’t want something to care for like a cat or dog that requires more time? A guinea pig may be just the pet for you.

Why You Will Love Owning a Guinea Pig

  • Health – Of course, any animal can get sick, and guinea pigs are no exception, but as long as they are well fed and don’t get overheated or dehydrated, this is a hardy
  • Easy – Bedding, water, veggies, and some specially formulated supplements are pretty much all your pet will need. Make sure the cage is big enough. Every day, give the guinea pig some attention. Other than that, the only thing to remember is that guinea pigs become fertile at less than one month of age, so don’t keep males and females together unless you want a litter.
  • Kid-Friendly – They are tougher than rabbits and don’t scare as easily as smaller pets like hamsters. Obviously, you need to keep an eye on your child to ensure he or she plays nice, but these are good pets for a school-aged child.
  • Longevity – Guinea pigs live five to seven years and can get into their teens on occasion. That’s a far cry from the two or three years lifespan you will get from rats, gerbils, or hamsters.
  • Personality – Like with other animals, guinea pigs each have their own unique temperament. It is important to interact with your potential pet before bringing it home to ensure that you are getting what you expected.
  • Human-Friendly – Unlike many small pets that are afraid of humans, guinea pigs not only enjoy the company of people, but will become particularly attached to their owner. They make unique sounds of delight like little squeals or purrs, and they may even respond to the sight of you by trying to climb the side of the cage to get closer. If you want a pet that you can actually hold and pet, this is an excellent choice.

The fact is, a guinea pig is a good choice for just about any pet owner. Ease of care makes them a good pet even if you have no experience in caring for an animal.

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