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“What is that?” will probably be the response the first time your family members or friends see your new pet. However, chinchillas make great companions. If you decide to get a chinchilla, there are a few basic things you need to know. Here’s a brief introduction to an amazing exotic pet.

Natural Habitat of a Chinchilla

Chinchillas hail from South America, particularly the Andes Mountains. Chinchillas love dry, rocky terrain. The dry part is especially important to remember, because having a healthy chinchilla primarily depends on keeping the environment dry and giving your pet room to hop around.

A Petable Pet

Let’s face it. There are many types of pets that you may not even want to touch. Chinchillas are the exact opposite. They have one of the softest pelts in the animal kingdom. Sadly, this led to a great deal of hunting in past times. Even worse, some people still breed chinchillas strictly to harvest their fur. In contrast, many owners are very happy with their chinchillas alive and healthy as they are definitely smooth and soft to pet.

Moderately Social Animals

Chinchillas are only fairly social. If you get two of the same gender, be certain they get along. If you intend to spend time with your pet daily, one may remain healthy on its own. Their playful behavior makes them ideal pets to play with and they’re known to make great tableside companions or remain satisfied hopping about alone the rest of the day.

Not Snugglers

Chinchillas are great pets, especially because they are soft to the touch. But don’t get the wrong idea. Chinchillas prefer not to be held and coddled like you might a rabbit or Guinea Pig. It will depend on the personality of your individual chinchilla, but be sure to respect its need for space. A chinchilla will be happy to sit near you while you pet it. Remember, though, that they prefer hard and dry surfaces for sitting purposes.

Of course, there is much more to learn about this lovable pet, but this should offer some helpful insight into the world of chinchillas.

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