Owning a Healthy Pet for an Everlasting Friendship

A healthy pet dog is being examined by a veterinarian.

There’s nothing better than a healthy pet!

The friendship between you and your pet is a special bond. As an owner, you have the responsibility of taking care of your pet and making sure that friendship lasts a long time. The best kind of pet is a healthy pet and that depends on you. How you manage their well-being can make a difference in their quality of life. Need help figuring out what you should be doing? Well, if you focus on any of the following then you’ll be on the right track.

Find the Right Food

If there is one thing that we as humans are constantly careful about, it’s what we eat. We agonize over every piece of food and how it effects our body. That’s because we don’t want to do more harm than good. The same should go for your pet. You should be carefully curating the type of food you are feeding them. Do some research, find out the best diets for dogs, cats, bird, lizards, etc. It all depends on the type of pet you have. You should also focus on key health points like:

  • Building the immune system
  • Maintaining proper digestion
  • Keeping bones and joints healthy and strong
  • Avoiding unhealthy foods

Don’t Overfeed Your Pets

One mistake that a lot of new pet owners make is overfeeding their pets. As eager as we are to make sure that they are eating enough, we tend to overdo it. Pets can suffer from obesity. In fact, it’s a common problem amongst pets that decreases their life expectancy. Moderate how much they eat by checking serving sizes. This will prevent conditions like heart disease and diabetes from cropping up.

Keep Their Mouth Clean

Oral health is important for anyone – pets and owners alike. A healthy pet has healthy teeth, otherwise, they will end up suffering from dental diseases that cause all sorts of problems. No one should have to see their pet struggle to eat because their teeth hurt. Also, the longer you leave the issue untreated, the worse it will become. We suggest finding inventive ways to clean your pet’s teeth like treats and toys.

Don’t Skip the Vet

While you can do everything to clean, feed, and groom your pet, you have to prepare for the unexpected. That means taking your pet to the veterinarian regularly. A professional veterinarian will be able to look for and find signs of trouble that you are certain to miss. Even more, they’ll pass on knowledge and advice to help you keep your pet in great shape. It’s important to find issue early before they become a problem you cannot handle.

Choose Healthy Pet Food and Accessories at the Pet Shop

If you need the right food or toys to help your pet stay healthy, visit us at the Pet Shop. We have plenty of food, toys, and accessories to choose from. We offer the best brands available and cater to a wide variety of pets, so we’re sure you’ll find just what you need. Don’t let your pet’s health slip by, keep them with you for a long time.

Dog Toys: Getting Your Pup the Right One

Golden retriever puppy on the grass with the ball in his teeth, which is one of his dog toys.

Dog toys make a wonderful gift for your pet.

Dogs can be messy, they can be mischievous, and they sure are hairy. However, overall, they are just bundles of joy. These pets know just when to give you proper love and affection and it’s time you returned the favor. There is nothing that makes a dog wag their tail harder than a new toy to play with. Dog toys are a great gift to give your pet, and they provide the perfect opportunity for a bonding experience. Find out which toys are the best for your dog.

Dog Ball

Dogs and their love for balls. It’s a tale as old as time, and it’s still true today. A dog ball is one of the best toys you can give your pet. The look on their face as their eyes widen in the presence of a ball is almost too precious to bear. They know a game of catch is about to occur.

One of the reasons that a dog ball is an excellent toy to give to your pet is because it’s healthy for them. Your canine friend spends most of their time loafing around the house whenever you are away. Playing a game of fetch with a ball gets them running and jumping, giving your dog the exercise they need.


A dog with a bone. They’ll sit on it, hold it close, and nibble on it all day long. Dogs love the taste of a good bone and it’s almost a challenge for them to try and break it down. There are plenty you can buy for your dog, some of which come in all different types of flavors. Supplies have everything from bacon to peanut butter flavored bones.

The best bones are the ones that are healthy for your dog. A dog’s mouth is often difficult to clean, as they don’t like to have them brushed. We suggest buying dental sticks or bones. They are a great way to clean your pet’s teeth and keep them healthy. The best part is that your dog won’t know the difference between this and a regular bone.

Chew Toys and Ropes

Bones aren’t the only thing that your dog likes to chew on. You can also buy them chew toys, ropes, and other chewable items. Some dogs are even known to grow attached to a cute plush chew toy in the shape of a dinosaur or animated character. It’s downright adorable. There are even plastic chew toys in the shape a bone. Dog toys like these are just as good for their oral hygiene as regular dental bones.

Ropes are a great toy for both you and your dog, as they are a great way for the two of you to play together. Your pet will grab one end while you grab the other, and an intense game of tug and war ensues. It’s a fun bonding experience that gets the blood pumping and their tail wagging.

Buying Dog Toys

The Pet Shop caters to all kinds of animals. Come down to our shop in Allston, Massachusetts and browse for yourself. You are sure to fine the right toy for your best friend.

Fun Ways to Play With Your Pet Parrot

Exotic colorful pet parrot, beautiful close up on bird face over natural green background, bird watching safari, South Africa wildlife

Keep your pet parrot happy with some recreational time.

Bringing a special pet parrot home is always the first and easiest step towards becoming a great pet owner. The second step involves providing them the right living environment and taking proper care of them. Finally, your last step is to show them all the love and care that they deserve. You can do this by finding a variety of interesting ways to interact with your feathery friend.

Parrots are fairly active creatures. You’ll find that they will quickly bond with and consider you a part of their flock. It’s actually quite sweet. Playing with them won’t be too hard either as they like to show affection by nibbling on your chin or messing with your hair. As far as how they act apart from you, they generally curious and intelligent. This means they tend to mess with things that they are unfamiliar with and they will feel the need to explore their surrounding outside of the cage.

Before You Let Your Pet Parrot Out of Its Cage

You may want to take precautions before you decide to let your flying friend free. They tend the go for the expensive stuff when they want to nibble on something. It is wise to put them somewhere secure and safe from their beak. Otherwise, you’ll have a mess of broken objects.

Keeping Them Preoccupied

There is a way to prevent your pet parrot from breaking any and everything they see. That involves distracting them. Look for parrot toys that they will have fun with. There are plenty that they will find endless enjoyment messing with.

One thing that you will notice that parrots like to do is mess with doors and latches. They will constantly try to figure out how to open objects as if it is some sort of puzzle. Place several durable puzzle-type toys around the house. They will mess with them for quite a while, in an attempt to figure out how it works.

Activities That You Can Do Together

If you want to interact more with your feathery friend, set aside a time for the two of you to play together. The best part is you don’t really need toys to have fun with your parrot. Playtime can be as simple as grabbing a cardboard box and throwing some crumbled newspaper inside of it. To add to the fun, take a metal object (like a kitchen appliance) and tap the side of the box while your pet is inside. They will enough the mystery of the noise.

Another fun game you can play with your parrot involves sitting him on your hand. While they are securely perched on your hand, start moving it around in an up and down motion, like a figure eight. You notice as that they will begin flapping their wings as you move them up and down. You’ll see that they enjoy this very much. While fun, this game can get tiring, so remember to take breaks every once and a while.

Hopefully, this gives you plenty to do with your special friend. If you have any trouble finding toys for your pet parrot, then contact a representative at the Pet Shop for help or visit us at the store.

Enjoying Time With Your Pet Rabbit

An image of a pet rabbit laying on a log in an open field.

Find out how to safely play with your pet rabbit.

Rabbits deserve as much attention as you can give them, especially if you have one as a pet. After all, their energetic and playful personalities keep you happy. So, how about you return the favor. Here are a couple of tips for you to safely have fun with your pet rabbit.

Buy Your Pet Rabbit A lot of Toys

If you want your furry friend to enjoy themselves then find them a lot of stuff to play with. Pet rabbits don’t get out too often. Keeping them busy with toys prevents them from feeling cooped up in the house. You can also have some fun yourself by engaging with them in a game of fetch or passing a ball around.

Take Them Out Every Once in a While

Rabbits are naturally outdoor creatures. If you are truly worried about them feeling trapped inside the house, you should take them out. However, you have to be safe about it. While they need to run around in order to stay healthy, you don’t want to lose them or for them to get hurt. When going outside, either keep them on a harness or in a fenced-in area.

Pet Carefully

Who can resist petting a furry little animal? They are fluffy, soft, and love physical attention. Rabbits love to be pet as well, but they are fragile. When you want to hug, or pick up a rabbit, do it slowly and gentle. Most hold rabbits by the rear with one hand and by the front with the other. If they are not enjoying it, put them back down.

Enjoying time with your pet means that they enjoy themselves as well. That what makes a happy family for pets and their owners. Now, that you know how to properly play with them, go out, have fun, and play with your pet rabbit.

The Sugar Glider Crash Course

A sugar glider on a branch.

These cute little critters need all the love they can get. Take the right steps to making your sugar glider happy.

Sugar gliders can make great pets. However, the one thing most new owners do wrong is thinking that a big cage with lots of room to jump and play is all that a sugar glider needs in order to be happy. That’s a good start, but there is much more involved.

Nesting, Bedding, and Sleeping

Your sugar glider cage needs to have some good bedding material. You also want a small nesting space. A plastic cage will make cleaning easier since your glider will urinates in the nesting space a lot, and it will need to be cleaned regularly. For sleeping, a nice pouch is a good addition. Gliders love pouches, and if you bonded with it from young on, it will even sleep in your shirt/jacket pocket.

A Sugar Glider Likes Things Clean

An animal that urinates in its nesting box may not seem like a very clean animal, but your glider will not stay happy for long in a messy cage. It is especially important to clean out the nesting box to keep a smell from developing.

Don’t worry about replacing the nesting box or bedding material from time to time. While some pets become upset by change, your glider will actually appreciate it. After all, in the wild the animal would have had to forage for more materials from time to time, so new bedding won’t seem foreign for long.

Companionship Is a Must

Finally, you may want to consider having more than one sugar glider. This is a social animal, and if you have only one, it will have to bond strongly with you to be happy. That means several hours with you per day. If you don’t mind it sleeping in your pocket every day, you may be able to get away with just one. However, most people will get busy with work or other activities and ignore this small pet for days at a time. It may be easier to ignore a glider than a dog, but the glider will get just as depressed.

In short, while sugar gliders require some commitment, they make a great pet.

Enjoying Some Recreation With Your Pet Ferret

Close up of one pet ferret laying down on a couch, while the other is inside a glass jar.

There are many benefits to both you and your pet ferret enjoying some quality time together.

Ferrets are fun-loving pets, and they will find ways to enjoy themselves, whether it be jumping around, doing a dance, or simply running into stuff. So why not join your pet ferret in the fun, and get in a little bonding time?

The Necessity of Spending Time With Your Pet Ferret

Here are some of the benefits that both you and your ferret will derive from enjoying this quality time together.

  • Ferrets need to be more than just physically stimulated by their recreation. Make them exercise mentally as well. This will keep your pet happy.
  • Recreation has the same effect on both humans and ferrets. Endorphin levels are increased. This is what makes us and our pets feel good after exercise, and it helps to build the bond.
  • If laughter is the best medicine, playing with your ferret will be good for your health. Seeing the antics of these delightful creatures can result in some hearty laughter and an overall good time.

In reality, both you and your ferret will benefit equally from such activity. To plan out activities, remember these two things:

  1. Don’t repeat the same activities every time. Ferrets get bored pretty easy, so be original. You can repeat things your pet seems to enjoy—but not day after day.
  2. You could get some ferret toys at the store, but it can be much more enjoyable coming up with an idea and making some yourself at home. Plenty of things are available in your home that could easily become a game to a ferret, such as something to crawl through, chew on, or toss around.

The primary thing to remember is how smart these little creatures are. It’s not enough to just let them out of the cage for a few hours per day. They need some stimulation. A ferret that becomes destructive is more than likely a really bored ferret. Your interaction can make the difference in whether or not your pet ferret feels a meaningful connection to you and a sense of happiness in your home.

The Importance of a Pet in the Life of a Child

Some pets are treated like royalty. Owners include them in the family picture on holiday cards. Pets get treated to special toys, clothes, and foods. Some even receive a high standard of medical care at great cost to their owner. Why? It is because pets quickly become a part of the family, especially when children are involved. A pet and child are like candy and sugar, they go together.

How a Pet Can Affect Children

One recent study revealed just how beneficial pets are to kids. In fact, the study showed that an upset child is more likely to seek solace with a family pet than with a sibling. This ten-year study was conducted using children ages 2 through 12 and focused on things such as cognitive, social, and emotional development.

What happens to a child when they experience emotional turmoil? The effects are often detrimental to school work and social development, not to mention health. The stress can be the result of anything from serious illness to parental divorce. Children with positive relationships with family pets also seemed to fare better in these circumstances. Why is this the case?

Children often confide in pets. Since there is no verbal response, the child does not feel judged or pressured to word things, or feel things, a certain way. This allows children to believe that they have an empathetic ear listening to them.

When a child has one such relationship, they often become better at forming other strong relationships. Thus, children with pets frequently fare better socially, even when they suffer from emotional difficulties. Children with conditions that cause chronic social issues, such as autism, often interact better socially than children with no pets.

Many children with pets have an easier time with:

  • Sharing
  • Displaying Compassion
  • Interacting
  • Cooperating

Also, children with pets seem to develop greater self-esteem and experience less stress than other children.

Therefore, it should not be understated how valuable it can be for a pet and child to grow up as companions, especially during their early years. Forming a relationship with a pet prepares a young one for social interactions, and helps children deal with traumatic circumstances that may arise.