7 Essential Accessories New Pet Owners Need to Be Prepared

If you’ve been thinking about bringing a pet into your home, you may already be aware of what a tremendously rewarding experience you are in for, assuming friends or relatives have been sharing their own experiences with you. There’s no doubt that owning a pet can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling kinds of activities that you ever embark on, but in order to get the most out of your time with the new household addition, you should be as prepared as possible.

For instance, if you’re thinking about purchasing a dog from your local pet store, you can browse around and see which types are available here, or you can take a different approach and research which kind of dog you’d like to have, and then see where you can find it.

Either way, regardless of the type of dog you are going to purchase, you should learn a little bit about its characteristics and its traits so that you know what to expect once it arrives in the household. Some dogs, for example, require a great deal of exercise because they’re very active, whereas others are much less active, and prefer a more passive lifestyle.

Once you’ve selected the type of dog that you want to have, and you know a little bit about its breed, you’ll want to be prepared in your household in other ways for the coming of your new friend. That means you’ll have to go out and make the necessary purchases to accommodate the daily needs of your new pet so that you both can enjoy your time together. Below you’ll find a checklist of those items which you should purchase, to be well prepared for your new arrival.

Collar and Leash to be prepared

Most dogs require at least some kind of exercise, and you’ll want to take your dog for a walk every day at least once or twice, simply so they can relieve themselves after the stimulus of walking. You’ll need to have a collar and leash for these walks, and you might even enjoy the process of searching around for one which looks good on your pet, and which has a style that you appreciate. Your collar and leash can be a combination of useful necessity and style, but it will also be the place where your dog’s identification tags are attached.

Leash Bag

The leash bag can be clipped to the end of the leash, and its purpose is to contain several plastic bags which can be used on your walk through the neighborhood. Most towns and cities have rules and regulations about cleaning up after your pets, so you’ll want to be prepared with the necessary equipment to make this as painless as possible.

Coats and Sweaters

Some breeds of dogs have very thin coats, which means they have little natural protection against cold weather. Unless you intend to stop taking your dog for walks as soon as the temperature drops, you’ll need to prepare your dog for cold weather walks, so it can stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

The good news is that there is an enormous variety of coats and sweaters available in pet shops and elsewhere, so you’ll certainly have no trouble finding them, even if you do have trouble picking out exactly the right style you want.

A good dog is prepared to go on walk with his  new leash his owner just purchased in his mouth.

All new dog owners will need to buy leashes to be prepared for walking your new friend.

Dog Bed

You’ll definitely want to get a nice, comfy dog bed for your pet, even if it seems to prefer resting on your sofa most of the time. Dogs need to feel safe and secure, and having their own bed will also satisfy their territorial instinct, having their very own resting place that no one else uses. It’s also a good idea to provide your pet with a good dog bed so that you have a single location in the house which collects the hairs and dog fur, when shedding time comes around.

Food Bowls

You’ll need to have a bowl for water, a bowl for food, and it’s probably even a good idea to purchase a mat upon which both of them can be placed, so spills and messes can be isolated to the mat rather than on your kitchen floor. The mat will also help to avoid the possibility of having bowls sliding all around the floor, especially when your pet gets a little enthusiastic at feed time.

Umbrella Leash

When you get caught in the rain once with your pet, you’ll probably have a strong incentive to not let it happen again, because you may get soaked yourself, and your pet will have the wet dog fur syndrome. By including an umbrella leash along on your daily walks, you’ll always be prepared to pull out some protection for you and your pet against those unexpected showers.

Collapsible Water Bowl

The need for this might not be obvious, especially since you’ve already purchased a food bowl and a water bowl for your pet. However, when you’re out and about with your dog, especially on a very hot summer day, it could happen that your pet becomes somewhat dehydrated from the heat and humidity.

If you have a collapsible water bowl with you, you can quickly pour some fluid from your water bottle into the bowl, and let your pet re-hydrate. When thirst has been quenched, the bowl can be collapsed and replaced in your pocket.


Gerbil Toys: Exercising Your Pet

Baby gerbils playing on a wheel, which is one of many gerbil toys.

Which of these gerbil toys does your pet have?

Cute. Furry. Adorable. These are three great words to describe your pet gerbil. These fuzzy little creatures are playful and active, making our lives all the more joyful. However, they need a way to exert all of the extra energy they have store inside of their tiny little bodies. A great solution to this problem – gerbil toys!

Great Gerbil Toys You Should Buy

Exercise Wheel – It is always best to stick with the classics. An exercise wheel will provide your furry friend with their own personal treadmill. It’s not uncommon to find one on it multiple times a day.

However, you should be very careful when choosing the right exercise wheel. Metal bars can cause accidents, and you do not want your pet’s little legs or tail getting caught in them. Make sure the wheel has either a metal screen or is made of plastic.

Plastic Balls – Give your pet gerbil the freedom they deserve. A plastic ball that they can run around in will give your gerbil the chance to roam just about anywhere in your home. The best part is that it keeps them safe throughout their whole journey.

There are few important points you should remember about plastic balls:

  • First, you should ease your gerbil into the ball. Everything new and exciting can be scary at first. So put the ball into their cage so they can get familiar with it.
  • Second, make sure the entrance to the ball is closed tight when they are inside. Use masking tape if you have to. This prevents them from falling out.
  • Lastly, allow them only 15 minutes of play time. The ball can get stuffy, and if you leave them in there too long they will run the risk of overheating.

Tubes –  By nature, gerbils love to build and dig tunnels to roam around in. You can buy a cage with tubes in it. They will climb, crawl, and endlessly navigate their way through the maze of tubes. This will definitely provide them with endless amounts of fun.