What are The Best Cat Treats You Can Buy for Your Cat?

It seems strange to say, but in terms of special little food items like cat treats, most pet owners tend to treat their companions better than they do themselves. While there are a great many health-conscious people who do their best to avoid sweet treats, there are still a lot of us who just can’t deny ourselves those delicious sweet confections.

That’s why there are so many bakeries, ice cream stores, and specialty dessert shops all around the country, catering to that sweet tooth that most of us have a predisposition for. We all know how bad all that sugar is for the body, and what terrible things it does over a period of time, but still, the majority of Americans just can’t resist the occasional sweet treat.

Oddly enough, most pet owners don’t extend that perspective to their dogs and cats – treats that we give to our pets are generally much healthier than the ones we eat ourselves. Here are some of the best treats that you can provide to your cat, all of them lacking the empty calories, food preservatives, and sweet tastes that we as humans, like to indulge ourselves with.

Oral Hygiene Chews from Virbac

The great thing about these small cat treats is that they deliver a kind of scraping action when chewed, which helps remove plaque from your cat’s teeth. If allowed to remain in place, plaque cannot only cause bad breath in your pet, but it can also generate bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth problems.

Short of brushing your cat’s teeth, there’s probably no better way to remove all the nasty plaque and food particles which tend to remain lodged in your feline’s mouth. In addition to the scraping action, these chews have natural enzymes which resist the formation of new plaque. Made from freeze-dried raw catfish, these tasty little bites are loaded with nutritional ingredients that your cat will love, and which will provide good oral health as well.

Purebites Freeze-dried Cat Treats

These particular cat treats are made from freeze-dried meats, which means that your cat will absolutely love them. They’re low in calories and high in protein content, with a great flavor to boot. As soon as your cat gets a whiff of the great aroma of these treats, there will be a rush to the food bowl to begin the fun.

Since the meat content has been freeze-dried, all the flavor and all the nutrition is kept intact, while excess moisture is removed. These are especially good for cats who may be a bit overweight because there are only 2 calories in each bite. If your cat is the finicky type, you will certainly be able to find a variety of Purebites which suits your reluctant pet, since they come in flavors such as salmon, shrimp, chicken, and beef.

A cat owner checks the teeth of his feline friend after giving him a cat treat that is good for its oral hygiene.

Unlike human treats, cat treats can be great for the oral hygiene of your cat.

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats

If your cat is one that prefers a crunchy kind of treat rather than a soft and moist texture, these are the treats you should buy. Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats offer the perfect combination of nutritional value and flavor, because they each include one of six very meat-rich flavors, with no grains, artificial additives or food by-products mixed in. Not only are these extremely flavorful and nutritional for your cat, but the crunchiness also serves to help clean your pet’s teeth, so they contribute to good oral hygiene as well.

Yeowww! Catnip

When you’re thinking of various kinds of cat treats, probably something like catnip does not come to mind right away. However, as most cat owners already know, catnip is a treat that most felines just go crazy for, and can’t get enough of. Catnip is made from the Nepeta Cataria plant, which is in the family of mint plants and bushes.

The plant itself makes a chemical known as Nepetalactone, which is a naturally-occurring pheromone that is very similar in composition to the pheromones which cats themselves produce. There’s nothing addictive about catnip or the active ingredient it contains – it’s just one of those natural substances that make your cat feel like it’s king of the world.

A single exposure to some good catnip will produce effects that endure for 20 minutes or longer, and during that time, your cat will probably be doing things that dazzle, amaze, and amuse you, but for your companion, it’s just a great feeling.

The particular brand favored by many pet owners is Yeowww! Catnip, because it comes in loose bags, is organically grown, and is packaged as a blend of flowers and leaves. There are no stems included in the catnip bags because they lack the active ingredient and would just add weight, but little value to the mix.

This means you get a very high-quality mix, which your cats will just go berserk for, and which you will enjoy because it’s so appealing to your pet. Because it’s organically grown, the Yeowww! Catnip brand has a very powerful scent which cats and kittens just adore, and which lasts longer, so as to extend their enjoyment.

You can buy this product in half-ounce bags or 1-ounce bags, and every bag is filled to the limit. If you’re looking for a really nice non-food kind of treat for your cat which will be wildly appreciated, you can’t do any better than this wonderful little treat.

Cat Toys: Giving Your Feline Something to Play With

Cat playing with cat toys on a cat scratch stand.

Does your pet have any cat toys?

Cats are interesting house pets to have. They move to their own tune and have such quirky personalities. Often, cats can seem like they want to be left alone. While they are quiet and keep to themselves, they do need some love and attention. One of the great ways to interact with your whiskered friend is to buy cat toys.

Cat toys are a great way for you and your pet to bond. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are also designed to keep your cat’s attention as these pets are naturally attracted to these items. Finding the right ones will get them active and improve your relationship with your cat. Here are a few cat toys you should be on the lookout for.

Scratching Posts

A scratching post is an old favorite. Over the years, they have taken all sorts of shapes and sizes. What you want to look for are height and sturdiness. The tall, the better. Cats are compelled to fully stretch out and work to explore every inch of a scratching post. They will be happy climbing and trying to reach the top.

Cats also love to mess with posts to no end. Between climbing, scratching, and putting the extent of their full weight on a post, you’ll need something that can take punishment and is sturdy. Otherwise, the post will just end up toppling over every time your feline friend messes with it.

Another aspect of the post that you want to focus on is the material. With so many different types to choose from, it can be hard trying to find the right one. We suggest something that is satisfying for your pet to scratch on but lasts for a long time. You’ll also want to avoid anything that resembles carpet. It will make your pet feel like that material is okay to scratch on.

Cat Wands and Charmers

Have you ever held a piece of string in front of your cat? It’s fun to see them jump up and down as they try to grab it with their paws. Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of cat toys that provoke the same reaction and do it better.

Cat wands and charmers are simple. It’s essentially a stick or wand with a piece of fabric or toy hanging off at the end. They are far more intuitive to use than a piece of string. You hold the wand or stick in front of you and wave it at your pet. They play with it and have a great time trying to grab the fabric or toy.

What makes the wand or charmer a better option is that it minimizes your risk. Cats are a bit reckless when it comes to playtime. When you wave something tempting in front of them, they are ready to pounce. With items like a short piece of string, your cat can accidentally claw and grab onto your hands, leaving cuts and scratches. These products allow you to have fun together and keep you safe.

Catnip Stuffed Toys

Cats love nothing better than catnip. They are instantly attracted to the substance and will go anywhere it goes. You’ll often find that their personality completely changes when they are exposed to the oil. If you want to keep your pet preoccupied, buy cat toys stuffed with catnip. The ones shape like mice are the usually the best. Cats love playing with mice and a toy shaped like one will astonish them with delight.

Cat Tunnels and Tubes

While cats generally stay indoors most of the time, they do like to explore. If you pay attention, you’ll often find them in the strangest places of your house. Some cats even favor squeezing themselves into tiny boxes and spaces. Cat tunnels and tubes are a great way to facilitate that need. Some of these structures even come with a toy inside, helping your cat to make the most of toy time. When searching for options, look at the ones that best fit for your cat and your home.

Buying Cat Toys

You can buy plenty of cat toys at the Pet Shop. Just come down to our location in Allston, MA and our team will be more than happy to help you out. We guarantee that you’ll find the right deal for you – we even have cat food. Plus, your cat will look forward to all the new toys you bring them. Don’t wait, call us at (617) 787-0857 and find out what we have available.