What are The Best Cat Treats You Can Buy for Your Cat?

It seems strange to say, but in terms of special little food items like cat treats, most pet owners tend to treat their companions better than they do themselves. While there are a great many health-conscious people who do their best to avoid sweet treats, there are still a lot of us who just can’t deny ourselves those delicious sweet confections.

That’s why there are so many bakeries, ice cream stores, and specialty dessert shops all around the country, catering to that sweet tooth that most of us have a predisposition for. We all know how bad all that sugar is for the body, and what terrible things it does over a period of time, but still, the majority of Americans just can’t resist the occasional sweet treat.

Oddly enough, most pet owners don’t extend that perspective to their dogs and cats – treats that we give to our pets are generally much healthier than the ones we eat ourselves. Here are some of the best treats that you can provide to your cat, all of them lacking the empty calories, food preservatives, and sweet tastes that we as humans, like to indulge ourselves with.

Oral Hygiene Chews from Virbac

The great thing about these small cat treats is that they deliver a kind of scraping action when chewed, which helps remove plaque from your cat’s teeth. If allowed to remain in place, plaque cannot only cause bad breath in your pet, but it can also generate bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth problems.

Short of brushing your cat’s teeth, there’s probably no better way to remove all the nasty plaque and food particles which tend to remain lodged in your feline’s mouth. In addition to the scraping action, these chews have natural enzymes which resist the formation of new plaque. Made from freeze-dried raw catfish, these tasty little bites are loaded with nutritional ingredients that your cat will love, and which will provide good oral health as well.

Purebites Freeze-dried Cat Treats

These particular cat treats are made from freeze-dried meats, which means that your cat will absolutely love them. They’re low in calories and high in protein content, with a great flavor to boot. As soon as your cat gets a whiff of the great aroma of these treats, there will be a rush to the food bowl to begin the fun.

Since the meat content has been freeze-dried, all the flavor and all the nutrition is kept intact, while excess moisture is removed. These are especially good for cats who may be a bit overweight because there are only 2 calories in each bite. If your cat is the finicky type, you will certainly be able to find a variety of Purebites which suits your reluctant pet, since they come in flavors such as salmon, shrimp, chicken, and beef.

A cat owner checks the teeth of his feline friend after giving him a cat treat that is good for its oral hygiene.

Unlike human treats, cat treats can be great for the oral hygiene of your cat.

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats

If your cat is one that prefers a crunchy kind of treat rather than a soft and moist texture, these are the treats you should buy. Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat Treats offer the perfect combination of nutritional value and flavor, because they each include one of six very meat-rich flavors, with no grains, artificial additives or food by-products mixed in. Not only are these extremely flavorful and nutritional for your cat, but the crunchiness also serves to help clean your pet’s teeth, so they contribute to good oral hygiene as well.

Yeowww! Catnip

When you’re thinking of various kinds of cat treats, probably something like catnip does not come to mind right away. However, as most cat owners already know, catnip is a treat that most felines just go crazy for, and can’t get enough of. Catnip is made from the Nepeta Cataria plant, which is in the family of mint plants and bushes.

The plant itself makes a chemical known as Nepetalactone, which is a naturally-occurring pheromone that is very similar in composition to the pheromones which cats themselves produce. There’s nothing addictive about catnip or the active ingredient it contains – it’s just one of those natural substances that make your cat feel like it’s king of the world.

A single exposure to some good catnip will produce effects that endure for 20 minutes or longer, and during that time, your cat will probably be doing things that dazzle, amaze, and amuse you, but for your companion, it’s just a great feeling.

The particular brand favored by many pet owners is Yeowww! Catnip, because it comes in loose bags, is organically grown, and is packaged as a blend of flowers and leaves. There are no stems included in the catnip bags because they lack the active ingredient and would just add weight, but little value to the mix.

This means you get a very high-quality mix, which your cats will just go berserk for, and which you will enjoy because it’s so appealing to your pet. Because it’s organically grown, the Yeowww! Catnip brand has a very powerful scent which cats and kittens just adore, and which lasts longer, so as to extend their enjoyment.

You can buy this product in half-ounce bags or 1-ounce bags, and every bag is filled to the limit. If you’re looking for a really nice non-food kind of treat for your cat which will be wildly appreciated, you can’t do any better than this wonderful little treat.


Helping Your Overweight Cat Stay Healthy

It has been conservatively estimated that at least half the domestic cats in this country are overweight. This is a situation which real pet lovers should take seriously, rather than brushing it off. In fact, it’s very unhealthy for your cat to be overweight, and it can seriously affect its overall health, as well as the cat’s expected lifespan. Excess weight is relatively easy to identify in your cat since pouches of flesh can protrude on both sides. A healthier, slimmer cat will have a ‘straight-line’ profile down to the ground, rather than the saddle-bag look characteristic of an overweight cat.

Given the fact that your cat’s health and longevity can be severely affected by being overweight, as a pet owner, you should do what you can to help your cat lose weight so that it can enjoy better health and greater longevity.

Manage Calories and Fat Intake

The healthiest foods for cats are highly digestible, with a high meat content. Domestic cats have evolved over centuries from predators in the wild which were obligate carnivores, creatures with digestive systems adapted to extracting their nutrition from meats. Domestication has changed many of the habits of house cats, but not their natural digestive systems.

A great way to control fat intake for your cat is to feed it canned or raw foods. If your cat’s primary diet consists of dry foods, make sure that the dry foods you’re feeding it are specially formulated to promote weight loss. These kinds of dry foods will include sufficient levels of nutrition, with only small amounts of calories and fat.

In general terms, the most beneficial approach to feeding your overweight cat is similar to the ideal eating approach for humans – feed them smaller and more frequent meals. Most packaged or canned cat foods will include guidelines for how much to feed your cat each day, and in some cases, will even recommend measured portions.

This is a good idea, because these recommended portions do follow nutritional guidelines on how to maintain good health. You can go a step further by calculating the total recommended food portion to be given your cat each day, and dividing that into five or six smaller portions. This way, the total amount will be the same, but smaller portions each time will space out the meal times, and keep your cat from feeling too hungry.

An overweight cat eats wet food.

Even though cats prefer dry food, it’s high in carbohydrates. Often, wet food is a better option for helping overweight cats slim down.

Keep Your Overweight Cat Active

Studies have shown that pet owners who play with their cats frequently, and who encourage their cats to play on their own with toys, will generally have healthier pets that are less prone to being overweight. There are of course, other benefits to frequent playtime with your cat, such as bonding more with family members, but keeping it more active with increased play is one of the most beneficial for its overall well-being.
It may take you a while to find out which kind of toys your cat prefers, but start out with toys that look like prey, such as a mouse, a big insect, or a bird. Many cats also have favorite colors, and with a little experimentation, you might be able to find out if your own cat has a favorite, which you can then exploit by purchasing toys of that color.

You can also increase your cat’s interest in any particular toy by including a dab of honeysuckle or catnip on the toy, which will appeal to its sense of smell. If you want to get creative, you can build your own indoor obstacle course or fitness trail, where you create little tunnels, plank ramps, chairs, and tables for your cat to navigate. By including healthy treats along the way, you will encourage participation, and increase the likelihood of their continued interest.

Cater the Environment to the Cat

In some cases, you may need to adapt your home environment somewhat to encourage more active behavior from your cat, especially in situations where you have multiple cats at home. It’s typical in such cases for one cat to be more dominant, and to eat a larger share of the food provided. You can prevent this by feeding the larger cat on the floor, and create feeding areas more elevated for the other cats, or you can feed the less dominant cats in separate rooms entirely.

In single-cat homes, you can add to your cat’s enjoyment of the home environment by providing empty boxes or bags, paper towel tubes, or toilet paper tubes, cat trees, or scratching posts to make your cat more comfortable and more active. When a cat feels less anxiety or stress at home, it will generally be more inclined to participate in fun activities that represent good exercise and healthy activity, all of which contribute to helping your overweight cat shed pounds and enjoy better health.