Enjoying Time With Your Pet Rabbit

An image of a pet rabbit laying on a log in an open field.

Find out how to safely play with your pet rabbit.

Rabbits deserve as much attention as you can give them, especially if you have one as a pet. After all, their energetic and playful personalities keep you happy. So, how about you return the favor. Here are a couple of tips for you to safely have fun with your pet rabbit.

Buy Your Pet Rabbit A lot of Toys

If you want your furry friend to enjoy themselves then find them a lot of stuff to play with. Pet rabbits don’t get out too often. Keeping them busy with toys prevents them from feeling cooped up in the house. You can also have some fun yourself by engaging with them in a game of fetch or passing a ball around.

Take Them Out Every Once in a While

Rabbits are naturally outdoor creatures. If you are truly worried about them feeling trapped inside the house, you should take them out. However, you have to be safe about it. While they need to run around in order to stay healthy, you don’t want to lose them or for them to get hurt. When going outside, either keep them on a harness or in a fenced-in area.

Pet Carefully

Who can resist petting a furry little animal? They are fluffy, soft, and love physical attention. Rabbits love to be pet as well, but they are fragile. When you want to hug, or pick up a rabbit, do it slowly and gentle. Most hold rabbits by the rear with one hand and by the front with the other. If they are not enjoying it, put them back down.

Enjoying time with your pet means that they enjoy themselves as well. That what makes a happy family for pets and their owners. Now, that you know how to properly play with them, go out, have fun, and play with your pet rabbit.

Keeping Mischievous Pets From Hurting Themselves

A cat, one of many mischievous pets, peeking curiously out of a cylinder.

Are your mischievous pets causing trouble at home?

We all love our pets. They’re our babies, our precious little friends, and our confidants. However, they have a tendency to misbehave. It’s not their fault, pets are naturally curious beings. As a responsible pet owner, you have to protect your home and make sure these mischievous pets don’t get into too much trouble.

Protecting Your Home From Mischievous Pets

The biggest reason to proof your home and protect it is to keep your pet out of harm’s way. Your lovable companion’s pension for messing with your stuff can end in disastrous consequences. And that is the last thing you are going to want to happen.

Here are the things you are going to want to pet-proof:

  • Kitchen/Bathroom – The kitchen and bathroom are no place for pets, especially bigger ones. They tend to get messy and you don’t want fur or dirt roaming around in those areas. Also, the garbage and toilet paper rolls tend to be their number one target. Childproof bottom cabinets, cover trash cans, and always remember to close the bathroom door.
  • Electronics – Wires from electronic devices just end up looking like another toy to your mischievous pets. They will go out of their way to chew or pull on them. You need to either keep low hanging wires out of reach or cover them with cord covers.
  • Bedrooms – You have to regulate your pet to certain areas of the house, otherwise they will see everything as their plaything. In the bedroom, you will often find perfumes, medications, and (in kids’ rooms) toys. Invest in a baby gate if you want to completely keep them out of an area and make sure you put everything away, in an area, they can’t reach.
  • House Plants – Many people keep plants in their home. They make a great decoration. However, they are dangerous. If your pet eats or ingests certain plants, it could potentially harm them. Once again, keep things like this high and unreachable or out of the home.

Once you start pet-proofing your home, you rest easy knowing that your home and your pet are safe.