Bringing Home a Pet Bird: What You Need to Know

Colorful parrot bird sitting on the perch, which makes for a wonderful pet bird.

Looking for a pet bird to bring home? Here’s what you need to know.

Does anything look more majestic than a bird flapping its wings through the air? We didn’t think so. Birds are fascinating creatures and having them as pets can be a wonderful journey. However, like any other animal, a pet bird is a responsibility. So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you take care of your brand-new pet bird.

Know Your Bird, Know It’s Species

Taking care of a bird is not as simple as just bringing it home. It’s important to know what kind of friend you are bringing home with you. Whatever feathery little friend you have your eye on, be sure to ask the pet store owner about its species. Inquire about food, temperature, and personality traits. You are not just bringing a pet home but you’re introducing a friend into your life. Be prepared.

Already Own a Pet Bird? Consider a Few Things

If you already own a pet bird and want to get another one, we can’t blame you. Birds are fantastic creatures. On the other hand, you have to once again consider its species. While some birds get along just fine, other do not. Some can be aggressive or possibly dangerous towards others. Do some research and figure out if the two need separate cages.

Buying a Cage

Along with the purchase of a new pet comes its living area. For most pets, this comes in the form of a cage. You have to remember; a bird will end up spending most of its life in its cage. That cage needs to be comfortable, safe, and most of all, it needs to keep them happy.

That means that they need enough room to fly around in, especially bigger birds. You also have to think about the bars on the bird’s cage. If they are too close together then your feathered friend can potentially get caught in it and hurt themselves. Last but not least, if you find two birds that are friendly with each other, then buy a cage big enough for two.

Why Do Frogs Make Great Pets?

A curious red eyed tree frog hiding in green background leafs. Frogs like these are typically found in Central America.

Always smiling, always happy. Frogs make great pets!

They are slimy and wet, green and colorful, and believe it or not they will hop their way right into your heart. That right, we’re talking about frogs. Pet frogs make excellent companions. You’ll be fascinated by everything this amphibian brings to your life.

Frogs Are Inexpensive

While there is always a cost that comes with bringing a new pet into your home, frogs are relatively affordable. Yes, you will have to buy them a habitat. Terrariums work best. However, these chill pets are low maintenance. They eat less than other animals, including small pets like hamsters and gerbils. Even better, most frog food is cheap as well, lasting you a long time.

Quirky Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe Them

Frogs are kind of funny. You’ll have the time of your life observing this pet’s everyday activities. They move at their own speed and hop onto the weirdest places. They are also adorable in their own quirky way. Most frog owners love looking at their big eyes and are fascinated by the mystery of what they are going to do next.

They’ll Stick With You

If there is one thing that you should not confuse a frog with, it’s other small pets like fish. While you won’t be getting your frog to do any tricks, they offer a bit more interaction. It’s fun to hold them in the hands, watch them crawl around, and pet them from time to time.

Another advantage that these pets have over most aquatic pets is their life span. The general life span of most frogs last 5 to 10 years and some even live to be 20 years old! If you feed them well, keep them happy in their terrariums, and take great care of them, they will return the favor by sticking with you for a long, long time.