A Guide for a First-Time Rabbit Owner

A little girl, who is a rabbit owner, kissing her brown rabbit.

Every first-time rabbit owner needs a little guidance.

Was it the fluffy tail? How about their cute little paws? Perhaps it was their energetic personality that caught your eyes. Whatever it was, you are now the proud owner of an adorable rabbit. Your new furry friend is going to need some proper love and care. However, as a first-time rabbit owner, where do you start?

Start by Making Them Feel at Home

Rabbits make great house pets. However, as with any pets, you have to ease them into their new environment. Keeping your rabbit comfortable is not as hard as you would think. It starts with the cage.

For rabbits, cages are their bedrooms. So, you have to be sure that they have enough room move and lay in them. A good cage is about four feet wide, two feet deep, and two feet tall. You can go a little bigger if you want to spoil them.

The bottom of their cage should be lined with some form of flat surface and hay. If you have a wire bottom cage, line it with wood planks. A flat surface prevents them from getting their feet caught in the bottom and the hay is comfortable enough to sleep on.

A Rabbit Owner Needs to Keep Their Pet Safe

Rabbits like to move around outside of their cage. They are fast moving and energetic creatures, so it’s to be expected. You are going to want to keep them safe from their own curiosity. If you want to know where they are at all times, then use a gate so you can know where they are at all times.

Rabbit-proof the areas of your home where you let them play. That means keeping small objects, dangerous chemicals, and other hazards away from them. If you have electronics with wires, buy cord protectors to prevent them from chewing on them.

Give Your Rabbit Space to Do Their Business

Everybody has to go at some time. If you have had your pet for a few days, then you’ll notice that they like to do their business in one spot of their cage. Don’t let them sit in their own filth. Clean it out occasionally. If you need to easier, buy a small litter box (filled with hay) and place it in that same spot. This should keep them comfortable and happy.

Gerbil Toys: Exercising Your Pet

Baby gerbils playing on a wheel, which is one of many gerbil toys.

Which of these gerbil toys does your pet have?

Cute. Furry. Adorable. These are three great words to describe your pet gerbil. These fuzzy little creatures are playful and active, making our lives all the more joyful. However, they need a way to exert all of the extra energy they have store inside of their tiny little bodies. A great solution to this problem – gerbil toys!

Great Gerbil Toys You Should Buy

Exercise Wheel – It is always best to stick with the classics. An exercise wheel will provide your furry friend with their own personal treadmill. It’s not uncommon to find one on it multiple times a day.

However, you should be very careful when choosing the right exercise wheel. Metal bars can cause accidents, and you do not want your pet’s little legs or tail getting caught in them. Make sure the wheel has either a metal screen or is made of plastic.

Plastic Balls – Give your pet gerbil the freedom they deserve. A plastic ball that they can run around in will give your gerbil the chance to roam just about anywhere in your home. The best part is that it keeps them safe throughout their whole journey.

There are few important points you should remember about plastic balls:

  • First, you should ease your gerbil into the ball. Everything new and exciting can be scary at first. So put the ball into their cage so they can get familiar with it.
  • Second, make sure the entrance to the ball is closed tight when they are inside. Use masking tape if you have to. This prevents them from falling out.
  • Lastly, allow them only 15 minutes of play time. The ball can get stuffy, and if you leave them in there too long they will run the risk of overheating.

Tubes –  By nature, gerbils love to build and dig tunnels to roam around in. You can buy a cage with tubes in it. They will climb, crawl, and endlessly navigate their way through the maze of tubes. This will definitely provide them with endless amounts of fun.